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The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server opens your entire enterprise to your modeling efforts, enabling stakeholders to have secure access for discussion and review. Pro Cloud Server Out Now

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WebEA provides a real-time view of content contained in an Enterprise Architect Cloud repository to be shared with anyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer simply using a web-browser.

Complements Enterprise Architect

WebEA is a complementary product and is not intended to replace Enterprise Architect. WebEA allows your entire organization to read and consume models, and provide feedback where appropriate.

A valid licence of Enterprise Architect is still required to create models and edit diagrams.
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At a Glance:

  • Push your models to the entire enterprise
  • Allow stakeholders real-time web access to consume and review your models
  • Web based creation of Issues, Tests, Requirements, Use Cases and more
  • A powerful platform for model authors to engage model consumers for feedback
  • Track model changes at a glance via watch lists

On Any Device


Create Elements

Project management tasks like the creation of Issues, Tests, Resources, Requirements, Use Cases and more can be created directly in the mobile browser for rapid capturing of information, at a remote site, to be modeled at a later time, or by the team back in the office.

Keep Track Of Work

Customizable watch lists can be configured to always keep you informed when the model has changed. Ensuring you are always up to date with the latest changes in your model, even when in transit.

On Any Device

Created with the mobile user in mind, the interface is fully compatible with smart phones and tablets. Quickly and easily review and discuss model content when you are away from your computer.

Fully Explore

Intuitive user interface so you always know where you are and where you have come from.

Discuss and Review

Discussion enabled models allow you to contribute to the model via the browser. Discussions are stored in the model to build up a complete picture of stakeholder feedback and create seamless discussions, regardless if you are working inside Enterprise Architect or WebEA.

Floating license Server Row level locking WebEA

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product demonstration webinars

Web & Mobile-Enabled Team Collaboration
with Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server

Learn how to:

  • Present live model content via the web or mobile devices
  • Collaborate with distributed team members to review and manage tasks
  • Get feedback from external project stakeholders, while safeguarding your model

Team-based Model Reviews & Discussions
with Pro Cloud Server and WebEA

Learn how to:

  • Create Review elements to help organize model-based discussions
  • View and participate in discussions and reviews
  • Use Navigation elements to empower mobile & web users conducting reviews
oslc restful api

Explore, query, retrieve and update information
in Enterprise Architect via an all new API based OSLC interface.

Use the extensive RESTful API to exchange information between your model repository and other systems. Based on OSLC/RDF the expanded and efficient API is immediately available for internal use by customers.

Note: A commercial license is required for 3rd party use. The license simply details the scope and conditions under which the API may be used for commercial purposes

technology overview

Pro Cloud Server hosted on your firm's Intranet, LAN or Cloud

new features coming soon

Floating License Service

Easily facilitate your global licensing from a single location using the Floating License Service built into the Pro Cloud Server

Enterprise Licensing

Enterprise Licensing is now available for larger teams, ease of deployment for teams of 500 - 100,000 seats.

Easily integrate your global workforce by deploying multiple Pro Cloud Servers. Optimize your license management process to a single transaction. Contact for more information.

Row Level Security

Easily hide sensitive parts of your model while still allowing general access with the use of Row Level Security. Row Level Security utilizes the features of Oracle and SQL Server to protect sensitive content from access by anyone other than those users with security based, access privileges.

Those who don't have privileges to view content in a model, have no access (even via direct SQL query).

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