Managing Baselines

To open the Manage Baselines dialog, right-click on the package at the head of the appropriate model branch and select the Package Control | Manage Baselines context menu option.


Current Baselines
The list of baselines for the current model branch.
Show Differences
Runs the compare utility on the selected baseline and the current model branch.
Restore to Baseline
Completely restore the model branch from the selected Baseline.
Create New Baselines
Delete Selected
Deletes the selected baseline.
Load other Baselines
Display a drop-down menu that enables you to load Baselines from another model, in either an .EAP file or a DBMS file.
Import File
Import an XMI file from the file system as a baseline for this current model branch.
Export File
Export the selected Baseline to an XML file on disk.
Compare Model to File
Compare the selected model branch with an XML 1.1 file on disk. A browser displays, which you use to locate the file.
Set filters to make the comparison more specific.
Opens the help file on this page.
Closes the Manage Baselines dialog.