Product Demonstrations

Videos and walk-throughs to help you get up to speed fast and leverage the full power of Enterprise Architect in your daily work.

Demonstrations Description Time Audio Play
Visual Execution Analysis This video describes how the Visual Execution Analyzer can be used to help debug a legacy application and automatically generate documentation from an executable application. 8 mins sound icon play icon
Model Scripts How to create a Model Script to validate a sample model. Learn how the new script debugging capability in Enterprise Architect 10 makes Model Scripts even easier to develop. 5:14 mins sound icon play icon
Application Debugging Use the Visual Execution Analyzer to insert breakpoints, examine variables and debug code. 5 mins sound icon play icon
Build and Debug a Java Application Set up Enterprise Architect to build and debug a Java Application, using a VEA sample project. 3 mins sound icon play icon
Debug Workbench New in Enterprise Architect 6.5 - Enterprise Architect 6.5 now comes with a new Workbench feature. 4 mins nosound icon play icon
Visualizing ASP.NET Visualizing and inspecting your ASP.NET web service is made easy using Enterprise Architect. 5 mins nosound icon play icon
Debugging C# Importing, debugging and running C# source code in Enterprise Architect, and automatic generation of sequence diagrams. 2 mins nosound icon play icon
Testpoint Management This introduction to Testpoint Management illustrates how to use programming by contract principles within Enterprise Architect. 5:33 mins sound icon play icon
Shape Scripts Learn how to create your own shape scripts and assign them to a stereotype in Enterprise Architect. 3:49 mins sound icon play icon
Business Rules A car rental system is used to illustrate how to generate executable business rules using Enterprise Architect. 3 mins sound icon play icon
XMI Placeholders This video illustrates how Enterprise Architect handles missing external references when importing from XMI to still give the user a complete view of their system. 1 min sound icon play icon