Upcoming Webinar — November 2017

Introducing Enterprise Architect 14 – Model Patterns & Perspectives

Ben Constable
Ben Constable
Webinar presenter

The Model Wizard has been available in Enterprise Architect for many years, but in version 14 it has received a huge update. The goal of these changes has been to greatly enhance the modeling experience and to make it much easier to find and use the right modeling approach for a particular domain and purpose.

In this webinar, we preview the new Model Wizard and its huge selection of model patterns that come with detailed guidance and references, perspective-based filtering and use of meta-model driven views that combine to vastly improve the modeling experience.

In this webinar:

  • Preview the new Model Wizard interface
  • Understand the range of built-in Model Patterns
  • Apply new model patterns & perspectives to kick-start your projects

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