Compiled here are answers to some of questions that people ask when using Enterprise Architect. For more up to the minute questions and answers, check out the discussion forum.

Getting Started with Enterprise Architect
Registration Key Issues with Enterprise Architect
Creating a new project in Enterprise Architect
Installing and Downloading Enterprise Architect
Installing Enterprise Architect on Mac/Linux with WINE/Crossover
Updating EA with New Version fails with Patch File

General FAQ Topics
Removing Recent Models from the Start Page
Opening Read Only Files in Enterprise Architect
Restored .EAP file from backup can not be opened
Generating Documentation in Enterprise Architect
Linking files with UNC addresses Enterprise Architect
Fatal Error Initializing DAO Library
Can Enterprise Architect Generate Source Code from Behavioral Diagrams?

Diagrams FAQ
Adding Connections in Diagrams
Suppress diagram borders for documentation
Copy a diagram or diagram element
Hyperlinking from one diagram to another
Linking an Element's Note to an External Note
Setting the Run State of an Element

Trial Version FAQ
Limitations of the Trial version
Can the Trial version be updated to the full version?
Transferring projects from the trial version to a registered version of Enterprise Architect

Edition Differences
Differences between editions

License Management
Floating Licenses (shared keys)

Business Modeling with Enterprise Architect
UML Business Profiles

Renewing your Enterprise Architect maintenance/support subscription
My subscription has expired - how do I renew my Enterprise Architect license?

Requirements FAQ
Importing Requirements from Excel

Upgrading Enterprise Architect to a more feature-rich edition
How do I upgrade Enterprise Architect to a higher edition? (Eg. Desktop to Corporate edition)

Updating to the latest release of Enterprise Architect
How do I update Enterprise Architect to the latest release? (Eg. From Version 7.1 to 7.5)

Database Issues
Project Size of Enterprise Architect files
Unrecognized Database Format
Corrupted .EAP file
Supported Database Repository Types

Importing and Exporting
Importing and Exporting from different sources
Import Rose Model into EA
Import Code Options are Grayed out! Why?

Automation with Enterprise Architect
Accessing the Alias of an Attribute
Automation Interface opening SQL Databases

Replication Issues
Replication in Enterprise Architect
Removing Replication
Upgrading Replicas