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Strategic Modeling

Part of the "Enterprise Architect in 30 minutes" tour

Strategic Modeling enables an organization to plan for the future and make decisions in accordance with its mission and values. Enterprise Architect can model every stage of the planning and development process, taking an idea 'from the clouds to reality'.

Supported Diagrams

You can document initial concepts using mind mapping diagrams and capture important strategic goals, business objectives and structure using:

  • Strategy Maps
  • Value Chains
  • Decision Trees
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Flow Charts
  • Org. Charts.

Prioritize Resources

Each of these high-level models can be traced directly to the analysis and design of systems and business processes that implement corporate strategy helping to verify that resources are committed to initiatives that reflect business priorities.

Strategic Modeling in Enterprise Architect
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Motivation Modeling

Depict a business plan using Business Motivation Model (BMM). Offer information relevant to corporate executives, strategists and business line managers, as a foundational precursor to the analysis of a system. Connect the solution space to its original business intent.