Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Create Reference Data Tagged Values

When working with Tagged Values, you might want to use a Reference Data Tagged Value, which is used to return the values held in an Enterprise Architect reference table. The base types for such Tagged Values (the type you call in when you create a tag in the Tagged Values window) can be easily created specifically for your model, as you can base the customized Reference Data Tagged Value types on a range of predefined Tagged Value types and filters.

Access    Settings | UML Types > Tagged Value Types

Create a custom Reference Data Tagged Value type



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Tag Name

Type an appropriate name for the new Tagged Value type.




Optionally, type the a description or the purpose of the Tagged Value type.




Either copy-and-paste or type the syntax of the predefined Reference Data Tagged Value type on which to base your new Tagged Value type.


Predefined Reference Data Types


Click on this button to save the new Reference Data Tagged Value type.

The Tagged Value type displays in the Defined Tag Types list.




Optionally, click on this button to clear the fields so that you can enter information for another new Tagged Value type.




If the values in the reference data are changed after the Tagged Value Type is created,  you must reload the system in order to reflect the changes in the Tagged Value Type