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Tagged Values in Profiles

Stereotypes within a profiled element or connector can define one or more associated Tagged Values. When you drag a profiled element or connector from the Diagram Toolbox onto a diagram, any associated Tagged Values are automatically added to the new element or connector. Tagged Values in profiled objects are an excellent way to further extend the versatility of your UML modeling.

As an example, the UML Profile for XSD (XML Schema) provides the XSDComplexType stereotype to extend a Class; this stereotype has the Tagged Values:

mixed and

When you create a Complex Type element, the Tagged Values are added and are visible in the tags compartment of the element (including those that have no value set).


When you select the element, the Tagged Values window displays all the associated tags.

Tags that have default values are automatically set
Where Tagged Values in the profiled element have a values section (for example, values="element | attribute | both" default="both") you can select the non-default values from a drop-down list
Where no value list exists, you can add a value as free text

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