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Maintenance Diagram

A Maintenance diagram is a type of Custom diagram, an extension to the UML model. It is a change management tool, used to record:

Requests for change to the model structure or project process, as Change elements
Issues that impact the development and progress of the project, as Issue elements, and
Groups of tests that can be applied to many elements rather than specific elements, as Test Cases

Each Change, Issue or Test Case element can link to other model elements in the project, to illustrate how they contribute to or are impacted by the item, and how they must be modified, removed, applied or extended to provide a solution. This includes identifying areas of work, represented by Task elements, to which resources can be allocated as either external (Actor) elements or internal properties (resource allocation).

Example Diagram     Example Maintenance Diagram


Select Maintenance diagram elements and connectors from the Maintenance pages of the Toolbox. For further information on a type of element or connector, click on the corresponding icon.

Maintenance Diagram Elements

Maintenance Diagram Connectors













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