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Apply an Overlay to a Cell

You can apply overlays (one overlay at a time) to the cells of the Relationship Matrix. Select the required overlay in the Overlays field first. You can then:

Apply a value or values to a cell identifying an existing relationship
Create a new relationship in a cell, and immediately apply overlay values to that relationship
Change the overlay values applied, or
Remove the overlay from the cell

Access    View | Relationship Matrix: right-click on cell

Context Menu - Overlay Options



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Apply Overlay

Displays the Allowable Values <values> dialog. Type in the required value or values and click on the OK button.

If you have entered more than one value and the overlay is set to mutually exclusive, only a single value is permitted and an error message displays; click on the OK button and type in a single character
If the overlay is not set to mutually exclusive, you can type in any individual value, or any combination of values in any sequence


Create new relationship with overlay

If necessary, change the Link Type field to show the type of connector to create.

When you click on the menu option, a submenu of variations of the selected relationship type might display. Click on the variation to create.

The Allowable Values <values> dialog displays; type in the required value or values and click on the OK button.

A relationship of the selected type is created between the source and target elements, and the selected overlay values are displayed in the cell.


Relationship Matrix

Edit Overlay

Displays the Allowable Values <values> dialog, showing the current value. Overtype this with the new value or values and click on the OK button.

The new value(s) display in the selected cell.



Remove Overlay

Clears the overlay value and restores the appropriate connector direction arrow symbol in the cell.




You cannot apply different overlays to the matrix at the same time; if you select a different overlay in the Overlays field, any values in the cells revert to either the value set under that overlay, or the direction arrow if no value is set under that overlay

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