Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Diagram Menu - Project Browser

Right-click on a diagram in the Project Browser to open the Diagram context menu.




See also


List the scripts enabled for execution directly from the Project Browser.

(This option does not display if no Project Browser scripts exist.)





View and modify a diagram's properties.





Open the diagram in the Diagram View.




View Diagram As

Display contents of the selected Diagram in an alternative viewing mode:

List View - Show all elements on the selected diagram in a tabular list format.
Gantt View - Show all elements on the selected diagram in a Gantt Chart format.



Diagram List

The Gantt View

Copy Diagram

Copy the diagram for pasting into another location.



Copy a Diagram

Copy RTF Bookmark

Copy a bookmark in RTF format to the clipboard.




Add Custom Reference


Add this diagram as a cross reference to other elements.


Cross reference

Print Diagram(s)

Print the currently-selected diagram or diagrams (hold ( Ctrl ) or ( Shift ) while selecting).




Copy Reference

Copy a reference to the diagram node to the Enterprise Architect clipboard.

Select the appropriate sub-option to copy the:

selected hierarchy structure (node path) or
node GUID





Remove the selected diagram from its current location, to be pasted under another package or element. The selected diagram remains where it is until the Paste operation is invoked.





Not used.




Compare Diagram to Baseline

Perform a visual comparison of the selected diagram against a version from a previously saved baseline.

Can be used to roll-back individual changes made to this diagram since the baseline was created.



Check Visual Changes to Diagrams

Manage Baselines


Move up

Move the diagram up in the list of diagrams within this package.




Move down

Move the diagram down in the list of diagrams within this package.




Delete '<diagram name>'


Delete the selected diagram.



Delete selected items

Delete several selected diagrams (hold ( Ctrl ) or ( Shift ) while selecting).





Display the Help topic for the Project Browser.