Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Element Options in the Project Browser

Right-click on an element (such as Class, Object, Activity or State) in the Project Browser to display the element's context menu.




See also


List the scripts enabled for execution directly from the Project Browser.

(This option does not display if no Project Browser scripts exist.)





View and modify the element properties.





Create a child element and diagram (Classifier elements) or a connector to another element.



Add Sub-Menu

Find In All Diagrams

Locate the element in all open diagrams.

This option also operates on Port and Part Property Type Classifiers.




Locate in Current Diagram

Select the element in the currently-visible diagram.

If the element is not in the diagram, this option is grayed-out.




Linked Document

Create or edit a Linked Document (Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions).



Linked Documents

Delete Linked Document


Delete the linked document attached to the selected element.



View Audit History

Open the Audit View to see a history of changes made to the selected element.



The Audit View


Add Custom Reference

Set up cross references between elements in a diagram and the selected element in the Project Browser.



Cross references

Copy Element(s) to Clipboard

Copy the selected element or elements to the clipboard to be pasted into another package in this .eap file or another .eap file.

(Use the Package | Paste element(s) from Clipboard context menu option to paste the elements into the new location.)



Copy Elements Between  Packages

Copy Reference

Copy a reference to the element to the Enterprise Architect clipboard. Select the appropriate sub-option to copy the:

selected element hierarchy structure (node path) or
node GUID




Copy RTF Bookmark

Copy a bookmark in RTF format to the clipboard.





Remove the selected element from its parent package, to be pasted under another element or package. The element remains  where it is until the Paste operation is invoked.



Move Elements Between Packages


Paste a cut element under the selected element. If the selected  element is not a valid target, the Paste option is grayed out.

(This option is not available for copied elements - use the Package | Paste element(s) from Clipboard context menu option.)




Paste Diagram

Pastes a copy of a diagram from the clipboard as a child diagram of the selected element.

The Copy Diagram dialog displays, offering the choice between a shallow copy and a deep copy.



Copy (Duplicate) Diagram


Apply or Release a lock for editing the selected element.  (Option only displayed when user security is enabled in User/Group locking mode)



Lock Model Elements

Apply/Release User Lock

Apply or release a user lock on the selected element.  (Option only displayed when user security is enabled in Require User Lock to Edit locking mode)



Apply a User Lock


Display the Attribute dialog ready to create a new attribute.





Display the Operations dialog ready to create a new operation.




Execution Analyzer

Provides a submenu of options to:

Create workbench variables from the selected Class
Mark up a process for the Class or
Mark up the Class for recording



Create Workbench Variables

Recording Activity For a Class


Generate Code

Generate the source code for this element.



Generate Source Code

Synchronize with Code

Synchronize the element in the Project Browser with the source code.

You can also synchronize Class elements from the source code on a diagram, and reverse engineer or forward engineer model packages and code to synchronize them and incorporate changes made in one but not in the other.


Import Source Code

Operation Menu - Project Browser

Update Package Contents


View Source Code

View the source code of the element.



Editing Source Code

Open Source Directory

Open the source directory containing the source code for the element.




Rule Composer

For a Rule Task element, invoke the Rule Composer in Business Rule Modeling.



Compose Business Rules

Move Up

Move the element up in the list of elements within this package.




Move Down

Move the element down in the list of elements within this package.




Delete <element Name>


Delete the element.




Display the Help topic for the Project Browser.