Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Model Search

The Model Search allows you to quickly navigate and find elements within your model. It lists each element that meets the search criteria you specify within the search terms and search type. Many different kinds of searches are already built into Enterprise Architect, and it is possible to create very detailed and specific searches of your own. It is even possible to export and share your favorite searches.

Access    Edit | Find in Project  ( Ctrl+Alt+A ) or ( Ctrl+F )

Use to

Search for elements within your model based on various criteria
Generate targeted reports based on your result set
Manage result sets - for example set properties and delete elements




See also

Search Term

Type in the word, phrase or characters to search on.

Search filters enable you to perform customized searches on a Search Term in order to locate model elements having specific characteristics.




The Model Search window provides a set of built in searches for your convenience; the Search drop-down list provides several pre-defined searches including.

Find Orphans
Recently Modified Elements


In the drop-down list, the built in searches are followed by searches that:

You have created yourself
Your organization has created for use within the project
Have been created as part of workflow script
Have been created in the Enterprise Architect Scripting facility


Pre-defined searches

Functions - Create a Search With User Tasks

Workflow Data Structures You Fill

Script Group Properties


Run the search using the entered text and selected Search.




The Options button displays the Search Options submenu, which enables you to display the search results as a tab of the Output window rather than in the Model Search View.

An advantage of moving the search results to the Output window is that you can select items from the search results and drag them onto a diagram, which you cannot do when the results are in the Model Search View.

If you select the Dock in Output Bar menu option, when you next display the menu this option becomes Dock in Main View.

The Search Options submenu also provides the means of performing advanced searches on your project, and displaying project metrics.




The Options button also enables you to perform advanced searches.



The System Output Window






Advanced Search Options

Estimating Project Size



Show or hide the Search Builder facility.

Create Search Definitions

Result List

Display the results of your search.



Keyboard Options:

Display the properties of an element (Double Click or Enter)
Drag an item(s) onto a diagram (Ctrl+drag a selected item)
Toggle between the Notes and the Model Search window (Ctrl+Shift+Enter)
Open the Linked Document window for the selected Element (Ctrl+Alt+D)
Select All Items (Ctrl+Alt+A)


You can access the Model Search facilities and perform specific searches indirectly, from Add-Ins, from MDG Technologies, from a hyperlink and from a shortcut to access your model; this entails setting up a search profile either in the appropriate tool, or as an XML file accessed by the tool

Searching from


An MDG Technology Selection (MT ) File (using an exported search definition)

Working With MTS Files

Create & Modify Searches


A Login Shortcut


Project Shortcuts

An Add-In


Add-In Search

A Hyperlink




Running a custom or diagram based search disables some context menu options