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Model (Root Node) Context Menu

The Root Node in the Project Browser is the Model element. You can have more than one model element. The first level packages beneath the Model node are sometimes referred to as Views as they commonly divide a model into categories such as Use Case Model and Logical Model.

Access     Right-click on the Root Node





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List the scripts enabled for execution directly from the Project Browser.

(This does not display if no Project Browser scripts exist.)




Package Control

Display the Package Control submenu.



Package Control

Apply Auto Naming to Elements

Apply configured auto naming conventions to existing elements in the selected package.



Apply Auto Naming to Existing Elements


Display the Add submenu; see below.




Rename Model

Rename the current model.




Copy Package to Clipboard

Copy the selected package to the clipboard, to be copied into another package in the same .eap file or a different .eap file.



Copy the selected package

Paste Package from Clipboard

Paste a package from the clipboard into the selected package.



Paste a package

Find in Project Browser

Find a specified term in the Project Browser.




Expand Branch

Expand all items.




Collapse Branch

Collapse all items.




Import Model from XMI

Import a model from an XMI file.



Import a model

Export Model to XMI

Export a model to XMI.



Export a model

Rich Text Format (RTF) Report

Produce RTF documentation for the model.


Produce RTF documentation


HTML Report

Produce HTML documentation for the model.


Produce HTML documentation


Diagrams Only Report

Produce a Diagrams Only report (in RTF) for the model.


Diagrams Only Report


Copy Reference

Copy a reference to the root node to the Enterprise Architect clipboard. Select the appropriate sub-option to copy the:

selected package hierarchy structure (node path) or
node GUID




Delete Project Root

Delete the Model node and all subordinate Views and packages.





Display the Help topic for the Project Browser.




Add Submenu




See also

Add Model (root node)

Create a new model root, without any subordinate structure or content.




Add View

Create a new View (package).




Add a New Model using Wizard

Add further models using the Model Wizard.

The list of available Model Pattern Technologies includes the MDG Technology Builder, which creates a Model package containing templates that you can use to generate a new MDG Technology containing a set of Profiles.



Model Wizard