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Report on Tagged Values

Tagged Values are used extensively across the objects of your model, including:

Package Elements
Connectors and their Source and Target elements
Operations (Methods) and
External Requirements


When designing a template to report on these objects, you can include information on their Tagged Values either:

As a group, using the Tagged Value subsection to identify all Tagged Values used in the object, or
Individually, using the valueOf() field to extract a specific value of a specific tag


Access     Project | Documentation | Document Template Designer > Sections

Extract information on Tagged Values



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Insert a Tagged Value section

The Tagged Value section reports all Tagged Values for the object.

In the Sections panel, select the checkbox for each object to report on, and for the Tagged Value subsection for that object. For example:

Package > Package Element > Tagged Value
Package > Connector > Source > Tagged Value
Package > Element > External Requirements > Tagged Value, or
Package > Element > Method > Tagged Value


The Tagged Value section markers display in the Contents panel.




Delete the [right-click-to-...] text, right-click in the space and select the Insert Fields option to add Tagged Value Name, Notes and/or Value fields.


Setting Sections for Reporting












Add Section Content

Insert a valueOf() field

For any object having a Tagged Value, you can add a valueOf() field to your report template to extract the value of a specific tag. This should be one of the tags normally associated with the object, such asConnectorAltName for a connector.

Obtain the name of the tag before starting this procedure.

To insert the field, right-click between the section tags for the object and select the Insert Field | valueOf option.

The Document Template Designer prompts you to type in the name of the tag from which to extract the value. Type the name and click on the OK button. The Document Template Designer adds the field at the cursor position, in the format:


For example:



The valueOf field extracts just the value of the tag, so for clarity you could type some lead-in text or the meaning of the tag, immediately preceding the value field. For example:

                      Alternative Name: {Connector.valueOf(ConnectorAltName)}





Add Section Content