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Service Provider and Service Provider Resource

Enterprise Architect acts as an OSLC Provider that other OSLC-compliant tools (OSLC Consumer/Clients) access to link to its Resources. All OSLC Resources live in a Service Provider, which is a central organising concept of OSLC. In Enterprise Architect, each model that can be accessed via the Cloud connection is treated as an OSLC Service Provider. The Requirement elements in the model are the OSLC Resources.

The services offered by the Service Provider can be retrieved using the Service Provider Resource. A Service Provider Resource specifies the:

URL to which you can POST representations to create new resources
URL you can use to GET a list of existing resources

To retrieve the Service Provider Resource from an Enterprise Architect model connected via the Cloud, use the URL:


For example, the Service Provider Resource for a model called firebird_model, connected via the Cloud, would be accessed using the URL:


This retrieved resource would resemble this:

Service Provider


Elements of the Service Provider Resource




Specifies the OSLC Provider.



Specifies  the services offered by the OSLC Provider. Enterprise Architect supports the following OSLC Requirement Management services:

Creation Factory - Used to create new Requirements in the model, by passing the Requirement's representation in RDF format using HTTP POST to the URL:
Query Capability - Used to list/query the Requirements in the model, by passing the query using HTTP GET to the URL:



Specifies the Requirement's metadata; that is, its properties and constraints. These are available in the URL:




Specifies the namespace prefixes and their namespace definitions.


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