Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Numeric Range Generator

You can also use the Configure Timeline dialog to create a range of states having numeric values to be applied to the Timeline.

Important: This operation deletes all existing states and transitions for the Timeline element.

Create a range of states having numeric values




Double-click on the Lifeline element.

The Configure Timeline dialog displays.



Click on the Create Continuous Numeric States button.

The Numeric Range Generator dialog displays.



In the High Value and Low Value fields, type the upper and lower values of the range.



In the Step Value field, type the increase interval.

Nonsense values do not parse; Low Value must be less than High Value, and Step Value must be a positive value smaller than the total range.



In the Units field, type the name of the measurement unit; for example, minutes.



Click on the OK button.

Enterprise Architect displays a warning that existing states and transitions are to be deleted.



Click on the Yes button.

The Configure Timeline dialog redisplays, with the defined range of states listed in the States panel.



Click on the OK button.

For a:

Value Lifeline, the first state is shown on the Timeline for the full time range of the Timeline
State Lifeline, the range of states is displayed as the y-axis of the Timeline