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Extending UML Models




Extending UML Models





Using MDG Technologies




The MDG Technology SDK

Quickly and Easily extend UML into a profile and technology using the MDG technology creation Wizard

Wrap your UML Profiles, code modules, scripts, Patterns, images, Tagged Value Types, report templates, linked document templates, and Toolbox pages

Everything you will need to build your own technology covering Shape Scripts, Tagged Value Types, Code Template Framework, Grammar Framework and more.


Sometimes a modeling problem cannot be adequately expressed using the base UML model elements or, similarly, an area of work falls into a specialized domain that requires a tailored modeling approach and/or program language support. To meet such requirements, you can extend the capabilities of UML to develop new modeling constructs, using MDG Technologies to combine and deploy a wide range of extension mechanisms such as:

·UML Profiles
·Shape Scripts
·Tagged Values
·Customized Code and Transformation Templates, and


Using the MDG Technology Creation Wizard, you can quickly and easily integrate the extensions into a technology and rapidly tailor UML and Enterprise Architect to address a particular modeling domain not explicitly covered in the original UML specification, but using extension mechanisms that are still part of the Specification.

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