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Test Status Types

All tests defined in the Testing window and Test Details dialog have a status value to show what point in the testing cycle the test has reached. The system values you can select from the test Status field are:

·Not Run
·Deferred and


You can add to or replace any of these values with your own custom values.

Access     Project | Settings | Project Types | General Types > Test Status

Customize Test Status Types



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Type the name of the Test status to define.



Make Default

To make the selected Test status the default for all test Status fields, select the checkbox.




Clear the fields to define a new Test status.




Save the Test status definition and add it to the Type list.




Remove the currently selected Test status from the Type list.




Lists the currently available Test status types.




Move the selected type higher or lower in the Type list.

This defines the ordering used in the test Status drop down combo boxes, and in sorting any report or list when the Test Status Type is used as the sort-by property.

For example: you have run several tests on a Package, and you run a Test Details report; then you sort on the Status column. The report entries are grouped by test status, in the order you defined in this Type field.



Sort Alphabetically

Reorganize the entries in the Type list into alphabetical order.



Restore Defaults

Remove all customized Test status values and restore the system defaults.




·You can transport customized Test status types between models, using the Export Reference Data and Import Reference Data menu options

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