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Project Browser Icon Overlays

The Project Browser displays the status of each Package in the model by overlaying status icons on the Package icon. The meaning of each overlaid icon is provided here.

Icon Overlay

Indicates that...

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This Package is controlled and is represented by an XMI file on disk; version control either is not being used or is not available.

You can edit the Package.


Controlled Packages


This Package is version controlled and checked out to you, therefore you can edit the Package.


Use Version Control


This Package is version controlled and not checked out to you, therefore you cannot edit the Package (unless you check the Package out).


Use Version Control


This Package is version controlled, but you checked it out whilst not connected to the version control server.

You can edit the Package but there could be version conflicts when you check the Package in again.


Offline Version Control


This Package is a namespace root, which denotes where the namespace structure starts; Packages below this point are generated as namespaces to code.



ROPLock1 ROPLock2 ROPlock3

The version-controlled Package has been flagged as Read Only, using a Package control method applied through the Automation Interface - as a script, for example.

The padlock icon displays with other Package control icons except for the 'blue box' (third item above), which takes precedence.

The Read Only flag can be applied to Packages whether they are checked-in or checked-out.


Package Class

<MDG Add-In icon>

MDG Add-Ins specify their own icon to denote that this branch of the model belongs to that Add-In.

All Packages connected to an MDG Add-In correspond to a namespace root, so the namespace root icon is not displayed.


MDG Add-Ins


Similarly, the Project Browser indicates attribute and operation scope status with icons.

Icon Overlay

Indicates that...

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The attribute or operation is scoped as protected.





The attribute or operation is scoped as private.



·In the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions, if project User Security is on, the Project Browser also has element locking indicators (red and blue exclamation marks) that indicate the lock status of individual elements and Packages
The availability of these elements for editing depends on whether user locks are required or not


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