Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Create a New Diagram

A diagram is a visual representation of the elements of your model and:

  • Their attributes and characteristics
  • How they are connected and/or interact with each other

Different diagram types show different aspects of the model and the relationships between elements.

Add new diagrams to your model



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Click on a Package or View in the Project Browser, then either:

  • Click on the New Diagram button on the Project Browser toolbar, or
  • Press Ctrl+Insert, or
  • Select 'Diagram | New Diagram', or
  • Right-click on the Package or View and select the 'Add Diagram' option

The 'New Diagram' dialog displays.

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Enterprise Architect provides a default diagram name that is the same as the parent Package name.

Overtype this with your preferred diagram name, if necessary.


Click on a Technology type in the Select From pane.

The list of available diagram types in the right hand pane is updated according to your selection.


Click on the type of diagram to add from the 'Diagram Types' pane.

A description of the selected diagram type displays in the field underneath this pane.


Click on the OK button.

  • The 'New Diagram' dialog closes
  • A new diagram is created as a child of the currently selected Package
  • The new diagram is opened in the Diagram View, ready for editing


  • When you create a Package, if you leave the 'Automatically add new Diagram' option selected, the 'New Diagram' dialog displays automatically

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