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Add an Add-In Key

When your organization is using a keystore to distribute keys you can retrieve a key for a third party Add-In in the same way as you would for a key for any Sparx Systems product.

Access Help | Register and Manage License Key(s): Add Key > Get Shared Key

Add a shared Add-In key



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In the 'Name' and 'Company' fields, type your user name and company name.


In the 'Shared Keystore' field, click on the button.

The 'Shared Keystore Selection' dialog displays.


Click on the 'Sparx Keystore Server' radio button, and in the 'Server Address' field type the server address of the keystore.


If necessary, in the 'Password' field type the password (advised by your administrator) and/or click on the Test button to check the connection to the keystore.


Click on the OK button to return to the 'Get Shared Keystore' tab, which now shows the name of the keystore in the 'Shared Keystore' field.


In the 'Select a Product' field, look for the appropriate product name and click on it.


Click on the OK button.

The 'License Management' dialog redisplays with the shared Add-In key in the 'Currently Registered Keys' list.


Click on the Close button.


  • Shared Add-In keys require Enterprise Architect version 11 or higher

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