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Register Add-In

Apart from registering Enterprise Architect, you must also register any Add-Ins you purchase to use with the application. You can register either a private key as explained here, or a shared Add-In key as explained in the Add An Add-In Key topic.

Access Help | Register and Manage License Key(s)

Register Add-Ins for Enterprise Architect



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Purchase one or more licenses for the Add-In from your Add-In provider.

Once you have paid for a licensed version of the Add-In, you receive (via email or other suitable means) a license key for the product.


Save the license key and the latest full version of the Add-In.


Run the Add-In's setup program to install the Add-In.


In Enterprise Architect, select 'Help | Register and Manage License Key(s)'.

The 'License Management' dialog displays.

License Management


Click on the Add Key button.

The 'Add Registration Key' dialog displays, showing the 'Enter Private Key' tab.


Type or copy-and-paste in the key you received with the Add-In, including the { and } characters.


Click on the OK button.


When the Add-In has been added successfully, close down Enterprise Architect and restart it to apply the integration changes imposed by the Add-In.

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