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Other Filters

As you specify the output of your report, you might want to include only specific features of elements (sub-element components such as attributes, responsibilities or constraints). If the feature does not have the defined characteristics, it is not reported for the element. Using the 'Other Filters' tab, you can define which features to report on, and which fields and field values. You can also delete the filters if you no longer want to apply them.

The 'Other Filters' tab is provided in two different ways, as a tab of:

  • The 'Generate Documentation' dialog, to set filters for a specific instance of a report; the filters are reset when you exit the dialog or select a different template
  • The 'Document Options' dialog, to set filters in a template as the default settings to be applied to every report generated using that template; these settings can be overridden by the 'specific instance' settings on the 'Generate Documentation' dialog

The options and behavior are the same for both dialogs.

Access Project Browser | Click on Package: F8 > Other Filters, or

Package | Documentation | Document Templates: <template> > Content | File | Document Options > Other Filters

Manage Other Filters



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Search In

Shows the type and name of each element feature field to search on.

Select the checkbox against a field to include it in the current search.


Displays the condition of the search parameter.

The possible values are Contains, Equal To, Not Equals and One Of.

Look For

Displays the search term to perform the conditional search on.

This value is specific to the selected field; for example, the value could be a date for 'DateCreated' or a text value for other fields.

The search term can contain multiple values, separated by commas.


Indicates that the search results must include element features with the search term in that field; these checkboxes are set on the 'Add Filters' dialog.

When no 'Required' checkboxes are selected, the fields listed as filters have an OR relationship; that is, if the search term is found in any one of those fields, then the element is displayed.

Any field having the 'Required' checkbox ticked overrides fields where the 'Required' checkbox is not ticked.

Add Filters

Add Filter

Click on this button to display the 'Add Filters' dialog, to add a new set of parameters to filter the search on.

Edit Filter

Click on this button to display the 'Edit Filters' dialog, to change the search parameters.

Remove Filter

Click on this button to remove the selected filter from the search.

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