Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

UML Profile for NIEM 3.0

Enterprise Architect's MDG Technology for NIEM 3.0, provides a UML Profile for NIEM 3.0, along with a number of model patterns to help you get started in modeling your NIEM project.

The profile defines a collection of stereotypes for use in building NIEM models. It also defines three different diagram types: Model Package Description (MPD) diagram, Platform Independent Model (PIM) diagram and Platform Specific Model (PSM) diagram. Each of these diagram types has a corresponding diagram toolbox, from which you can select items to add to your model, by dropping them onto a diagram.

Access Diagram | Toolbox : More Tools | NIEM 3.0 | MPD

Diagram | Toolbox : More Tools | NIEM 3.0 | PIM

Diagram | Toolbox : More Tools | NIEM 3.0 | PSM

The Diagram Toolbox that corresponds to a particular diagram type becomes active whenever you open a diagram of that type. However, you can also access any Diagram Toolbox at any time, using this method:

  • From the top of the Diagram Toolbox choose 'More Tools | <profile> | <toolbox>'

To reset the toolbox to the default type for the current diagram, simply close then reopen the diagram.

Diagram Toolbox Pages

The NIEM Diagram Toolboxes provide quick access to the elements and connectors that you commonly use in a particular type of diagram.

The MPD Diagram Toolbox is grouped into a number of separate pages: Model Patterns, Relationships, File Type Usage and Schema Document Usage. The PIM and PSM diagrams share a common toolbox page as well as each having their own specific toolbox page.

NIEM 3.0 MPD Toolbox

NIEM 3.0 PIM Toolbox

PSM Toolbox Items

The NIEM PSM Profile comprises stereotypes that are used in NIEM PSMs. These stereotypes need not be used with a NIEM PIM, but they can be in order to provide additional platform-specific markup.




XSDAnyProperty stereotype represents a property that is unrestricted with respect to its type, which is implemented in XML Schema as the xs:any particle.


The XSDDeclaration stereotype is a specialization of the common References stereotype.


An XSDProperty Property represents a NIEM property, which is implemented in XML Schema as either an attribute declaration and use or an element declaration and particle


XSDRepresentationRestriction specifies a restriction on the representation in an XML schema of the values of a base DataType.


The «XSDSimpleContent» stereotype represents a relationship between two type definitions: the first is a complex type definition with simple content, the second is a simple type.

NIEM 3.0 PSM Toolbox