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WSDL Port Type

A «WSDLportType» stereotyped Interface represents a WSDL PortType. It describes the operations exposed by the WSDL, acting as a container for one or more WSDL Port Type Operations. You can create a WSDL PortType element by dragging the Port Type icon from the WSDL Toolbox and dropping it directly onto the PortTypes diagram (under the PortTypes Package in the WSDL Package structure).

Toolbox Icon

Access Drag icon onto diagram, or

Project Browser | Double-click on «WSDLportType» stereotyped element, or

Diagram | right-click on «WSDLportType» stereotyped element | Properties

Define Properties



See also


Type in the name of the WSDL PortType.


(Optional) Type in any notes you need for this element.


Click on this button to save the data entered and close the WSDL PortType dialog.


Click on this button to discard the data entered and close the 'WSDL PortType' dialog.


Click on this button to display this Help topic.


This button is displayed when you are editing existing WSDL PortType element information.

Click on the button to open the UML element 'Properties' dialog for the element.



  • WSDL PortTypes can only be created under the PortTypes Package in the WSDL Package structure
  • The name of the WSDL PortType should be unique amongst all the WSDL PortTypes within the WSDL

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