Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Add-In Search

Enterprise Architect enables Extensions to integrate with the Model Search. Searches can be defined that execute a method within your Add-In and display your results in an integrated way.

The method that runs the search must be structured like this:

     Function <method name> (ByVal Rep As Repository, ByVal SearchText As String, ByRef XMLResults As String) As Variant

  • Rep - EA.Repository - IN - The current open repository
  • SearchText - String - IN - An optional field that you can fill in through the Model Search
  • XMLResults - String - OUT - At completion of the method, this should contain the results for the search; the results should be an XML string that conforms to the Search Data Format

Return Value

The method must return any non-empty value for the results to be displayed.

Advanced Usage

In addition to the displayed results, two additional hidden fields can be passed into the XML that provide special functionality.

  • CLASSTYPE - Returning a field of CLASSTYPE, containing the Object_Type value from the t_object table, displays the appropriate icon in the column in which you place the field
  • CLASSGUID - Returning a field of CLASSGUID, containing an ea_guid value, enables the Model Search to track the object in the Project Browser and open the Properties window for the element by double-clicking in the Model Search

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