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Ends Page

Elements from the Ends page of the Business Motivation Model Toolbox.

Ends Toolbox




Groups 'end' concepts (Vision and Desired Result).

An End is something the business seeks to accomplish. It does not include any indication of how it is to be achieved.

Tagged Values – ID, Category, Source, Owner


Describes the future state of the enterprise, without regard to how it is to be achieved.

A Vision is supported or made operative by Missions, and is amplified by Goals.

Tagged Value – ID

Desired Result

Groups 'desired result' concepts (Goal and Objective). A Desired Result is an End that is a state or target that the enterprise intends to maintain or sustain. A Desired Result is supported by Courses of Action. One Desired Result can include other Desired Results and can itself be included in another Desired Result.

Tagged Values – ID, Category, Source, Owner


A statement about a state or condition of the enterprise to be brought about or sustained through appropriate Means. A Goal amplifies a Vision.

Tagged Values – Assumption, Critical Success Factor, Goal Type, ID, Key Performance Indicator, Measure, Unit Responsible, Opportunity, Strength, Threat, Weakness


A statement of an attainable, time-targeted and measurable target that the enterprise seeks to meet in order to achieve its goals. An Objective quantifies a Goal.

Tagged Value – ID

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