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The MDG Technology for UPDM provides the ability to import descriptions of all UPDM stereotypes into the Enterprise Architect Glossary. This gives you a quick reference to the meaning of each stereotype, lists the views that the stereotype might appear in and, for abstract stereotypes, lists the concrete stereotypes that inherit from the abstract stereotype.

Import Glossary

You import the Glossary definitions into each model individually. To do this, select 'Publish > UPDM > Import UPDM Glossary'.

View the Glossary

To view the Glossary, select one of:

  • 'Publish > Documentation > Glossary > Glossary View to display the Project Glossary view
  • 'Publish > Documentation > Glossary > Edit' to open the 'Glossary' dialog
  • In any dialog 'Notes' field, a Glossary hyperlink (underlined and colored blue)

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