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SPEM Toolbox Pages

The SPEM pages of the Diagram Toolbox provide a wide range of specialized elements and connectors for modeling development processes on SPEM diagrams. To create elements and relationships on a SPEM diagram, you can drag the appropriate icons from the Toolbox pages.


Show the Diagram Toolbox using any of the methods outlined here.

On the Diagram Toolbox, click on the More Tools button and select 'SPEM'.


Design > Diagram > Toolbox : More Tools > SPEM

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+5 : | SPEM


Click the icon on the Diagram caption bar to display the Diagram Toolbox

Toolbox Pages

Each element and connector provided in the SPEM Toolbox pages is described in this table.

Base Plug-in Toolbox Page




Create a predefined special Activity representing a significant period in a project.


Group a set of nested Activities that are repeated more than once. Typically, Iteration is an Activity for which the default value of the isRepeatable attribute is True.


Represent a special Activity that describes a structure for particular types of development projects, or parts of them.

Delivery Process

Represent a special Process describing a complete and integrated approach for implementing a specific project type.

Process Pattern

Represent a special Process to describe a reusable cluster of Activities in a general process area that provides a consistent development approach to common problems.

Process Planning Template

Represent a special Process that is prepared for instantiation by a project planning tool.


Represent a Work Product Definition that provides a description and definition for tangible work product types.


Represent a Work Product Definition that provides a description and definition for packaging other Work Products, and that can be delivered to an internal or external party.


Represent a Work Product Definition that provides a description and definition for non-tangible work products.

Method Content Toolbox Page




Categorize content based on the user’s criteria.


Identify reference items such as Guidelines, Templates, Checklists, Tool Mentors, Estimates, Supporting Materials, Reports and Concepts.


Define a standard measurement for instances of Method Content elements.

Role Definition

Define a set of related skills, competencies, and responsibilities.


Represent parts or subunits of a Task Definition.

Task Definition

Describe an assignable unit of work. Every Task Definition is assigned to specific Role Definitions. A Task is associated with input and output Work Products.

Tool Definition

Describe the tools that are recommended or necessary for completing a specific Task.

Work Product Definition

Define any forms of document, report or outcome that are consumed, produced or modified by Tasks.

Package Toolbox Page



Method Content Package

Create a physical container to organize the Method Content elements.

Method Library

Create an overall physical container for all SPEM 2.0 elements.

Method Plugin

Create a physical container for Method Content Package and Process Packages. It can be used stand-alone as well as extended to many other Method Plugins.

Process Package

Create a physical container that contains different kinds of Process element.

Process Component

Offers the choice of creating a Process Component Package - a special type of Process Package that provides the mechanism of encapsulation - or a Process Component element.

Work Product Port

Defines the Work Products input and output for a Process Component. A Work Product Port identifies one type of Work Product for one Process Component, and defines whether the Work Product type is to be required (input) or supplied (output) by the Process Component, and whether this input or output is optional or not.

Expose Interface

Represents a required or supplied interface to identify the fact that the element provides or requires an interface. A small dialog displays on which you type or select the name of the interface and whether it is provided or required.

Process Toolbox Page




Define basic units of work within a Process as well as the Process itself.

Composite Role

Represent an aggregation of Role Definition references for an Activity.


Represent any significant events in a development project.


Create a special Activity that describes a structure for particular types of development project.

Role Use

Represent a Role Definition in the context of one specific Activity.

Task Use

Represent a Task Definition in the context of one specific Activity.

Team Profile

Define a nested hierarchy of teams and team members.

Work Product Use

Represent a Work Product Definition in the context of one specific Activity.

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