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Nested Recording Markers

When a recording marker is first encountered, recording starts at the current stack frame and continues until the frame pops, recording additional frames up to the depth defined on the Recording toolbar. Consider this call sequence:

A -> B -> C -> D -> E -> F -> G -> H -> I -> J -> K -> L -> M -> N -> O -> P -> Q -> R -> S -> T -> U -> V -> W -> X -> Y -> Z

If you set a recording marker at K and set the recording depth to 3, this would record the call sequence:

K -> L -> M

If you also wanted to record the calls X, Y and Z as part of the Sequence diagram, you would place another recording marker at X and the analyzer would record:

K -> L -> M -> X -> Y -> Z

However, when recording ends for the X-Y-Z component (frame X is popped), recording will resume when frame M of the K-L-M sequence is re-entered. Using this technique can help where information from the recorded diagram would be excluded due to the stack depth, and it lets you focus on the particular areas to be captured.

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