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Compliance Assessment

A Compliance Assessment is created by the architecture team and is used to monitor the way the architecture is realized by the implementation teams. These teams are typically under pressure to complete their project work and achieve the project's desired outcomes which often means that corners are cut and rules are bent. An architect needs to work with the team and understand these pressures but also needs to have a governance role that can assess whether the fundamental tenets of the Architecture are being implemented. A Compliance Assessment is a useful mechanism for documenting the observations made about the implementation team's compliance with the architecture. It is a way of formally recording the findings of an architectural review of the implementation initiatives to ensure that they are implementing the architecture as it was specified in the architecture vision and in the definitions of the architecture in the models describing the Business, Information, Application and Technology Architectures. There are three ways the assessment could be produced in Enterprise Architect: using a Document Artifact, the Team Review Facility or an Artifact.

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