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Recording Activity For a Class

In addition to setting breakpoints and markers in the code editor, or creating a marker set through the Breakpoints and Markers window, you can record all the operations of a Class or a subset using the 'Class Markup Selection' dialog to create a marker set of record markers for those operations. These marker sets are also available to all users of the model. Note when you do this, the debugger takes no notice of the filename or line of code. This information is obtained by the debugger at runtime. So you will see these types of markers in the Breakpoint window as fully qualified method names rather than file paths. This makes these markers tolerant to code changes unlike normal breakpoints which can shift all over the place as code is edited.


Context Menu

In Project Browser, right-click on Class | Execution Analyzer | Markup Class For Recording




See also

Existing marker set

Select to change the operations, marker types or stack depth of an existing marker set.

New marker set

Select to create a new marker set.


Type the name of the marker set to create or edit.

Operation check boxes

All checkboxes default to selected; click on the checkbox against each operation that you do not want to record.

Click again on the checkbox against any excluded operation that you do now want to record, to re-select it.

Include disabled operations

Select this option to set a recording marker against all operations, but disable all those that you have not specifically selected above. In the Breakpoints & Markers window, you can then enable these markers individually or as a whole, rather than enabling them by editing the marker set.

Working with Marker Sets

Marker Type

Click on the drop-down arrow and select the type of marker to set against each of the selected operations.

The marker type specifies the action to take when the process encounters that marker on each operation:

  • Record function
  • Record stack trace
  • Break execution
  • Actionpoint
  • Tracepoint
Marker Types

Limit recording frame depth

For recording markers, sets the stack depth to limit recording. The recording depth ensures the maximum depth of any recording to be the current depth at time marker encountered plus this value.

Control Stack Depth


Click to store the marker set under the name you have specified; the set can then be loaded either before or during a session, from the Breakpoint & Markers window toolbar.

Breakpoint and Marker Management