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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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BPMN Models

What is BPMN?

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standard for business process modeling that provides graphical notation for specifying business processes in a Business Process diagram (BPD), based on traditional flowcharting techniques.  The Object Management Group (OMG) develops and maintains the BPMN specification.    

BPMN represents the amalgamation of best practices within the business modeling community to define the notation and semantics of Collaboration diagrams, Process diagrams, and Choreography diagrams.  It is intended to be used directly by the stakeholders who design, manage and realize business processes, but at the same time be precise enough to allow BPMN diagrams to be translated into software process components. 

Business Process Modeling Notation has become the de-facto standard for business process diagrams.  It has an easy-to-use flowchart-like notation that is independent of any particular implementation environment.

A BPMN Process Model using Pools and Lanes, constructed with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

BPMN in Enterprise Architect

Key Features and Benefits

  • Verification of the model through simulation
  • Generation of documentation from the model
  • Re-use of common components in other models, such as re-using a sub-process from the 'current' system when modeling the 'future' system
  • Serialization to XML for exchanging model information
  • The BPMN Profile can be used to model BPEL process descriptions

How to Access the BPMN Facilities

BPMN facilities are provided in the form of:

  • A BPMN diagram type, accessed through the 'New Diagram' dialog
  • BPMN pages in the Toolbox
  • BPMN element and relationship entries in the 'Toolbox Shortcut' menu and Quick Linker

Specifications of BPMN elements and relationships are defined by Tagged Values; for example, to define the Message and Timer symbols in this diagram:

A simple BPMN Process Diagram, constructed with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

BPMN Toolbox Pages

You can access the BPMN Toolbox pages through the 'Design > Diagram > Toolbox : 'Hamburger'' ribbon option, then select BPMN 2.0.

You can also set BPMN as the active default technology to access the Diagram Toolbox pages directly.

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