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Elements from the 'Means' page of the Business Motivation Model Toolbox.

Means Toolbox




Groups 'Means' concepts (Mission, Course of Action and Directive). A Means represents any capabilities that can be exploited to achieve the desired Ends.

Tagged Values – ID, Category, Source, Owner


Captures the mission statement, policies and values of the enterprise. A Mission indicates the ongoing operational activity of the enterprise, and makes a Vision operative.

Tagged Values – ID, Category, Source, Owner

Course of Action

Groups 'course of action' concepts (Strategy and Tactic). A Course of Action is an approach or plan for configuring some aspect of the enterprise involving things, processes, locations, people, timing or motivation, undertaken to achieve Desired Results.

A Course of Action channels efforts towards Desired Results. Courses of Action are governed by Directives. It is also possible for the Courses of Action to be formulated based on Directives. Courses of Action can be realized by Business Processes. One Course of Action can include other Courses of Action, and one Course of Action can be enabled by another Course of Action.

Tagged Values – ID, Category


Defines the right approach to achieve a set of Goals, given the environmental constraints and risks. A Strategy usually channels efforts towards those Goals.

Tagged Values – Action Plan, Estimated Budget, Estimated Time Period, ID, Measure, Target Value


A Course of Action that represents part of the detailing of a Strategy. A Tactic implements one or more Strategies.

Tagged Values – ID, Category


Indicates how the Course of Action should, or should not, be carried out. A Directive defines, constrains or liberates some aspect of an enterprise. It is intended to assert business structure or to control or influence the behavior of the business, and is stated in declarative form. Directives govern Courses of Action. A Directive is defined to support the achievement of a Desired Result directly.

Tagged Values – ID, Category

Business Rule

A Business Rule element captures the Business Rule statements. Business Rules provide specific, actionable governance or guidance to implement Business Policies. Business Rules guide Business Processes.

Tagged Values – ID, Name, Description, Effective_From, Expiry_From, Status, Version, Enforcement_Level


Captures the policy definitions followed in the enterprise. A Business Policy is a non-actionable Directive whose purpose is to govern or guide the enterprise. Business Policies provide the basis for Business Rules. Business Policies also govern Business Processes. One Business Policy can include other Business Policies.

Tagged Value – ID

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