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The TOGAF Toolbox Pages

The MDG Technology For TOGAF Toolbox pages provide elements and relationships for the full range of TOGAF diagrams supported by the Technology.


When you open a TOGAF diagram, Enterprise Architect displays the Toolbox pages that are most useful for that particular diagram type. In addition, the 'Common' and 'Artifacts' pages of UML elements and relationships display, regardless of which diagram is open.

The Diagram Toolbox pages can be docked on either side of the diagram, or free floated on top of the diagram to expose more surface for editing.


Design > Diagram > Toolbox: Search > Specify 'TOGAF' in the 'Find Toolbox Item' dialog

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+5 : Search > Specify 'TOGAF' in the 'Find Toolbox Item' dialog


You can display or hide the Diagram Toolbox by clicking on the Chevron Right or Chevron Left icons at the left-hand end of the Caption Bar at the top of the Diagram View.