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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Create a new Repository Sub-tree

When you set up Subversion as your Version Control tool, it is good practice to create a new repository sub-tree in Subversion for each new Enterprise Architect model. The sub-tree can be used to control the Package files for your model.

Create a new sub-tree in the Subversion Repository



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Use Windows Explorer to create a temporary directory on your PC file system, to be imported into the Subversion repository as a new repository sub-tree. The directory would have this structure:


Open a Windows command prompt, navigate to tempDir and issue the Subversion command import.

For example:

     C:\Documents and Settings\user> cd \tempDir

     C:\tempDir> svn import .

     --message "Repository Initialization"

Subversion repository administration basics


On your PC, delete the temporary directory structure (tempDir) and all its contents.


  • After the import is finished, the original tree is not converted into a Subversion working copy; you should delete the temporary structure and check out a fresh working copy of the tree
  • The process can also be performed using TortoiseSVN's Repository Browser, which provides commands for simply creating new folders directly in the repository