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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Installing Enterprise Architect Add-Ins Using Wine

Installing Add-Ins

To install Enterprise Architect Add-Ins using Wine, follow these steps:




Download the Add-In of interest. Add-Ins are usually distributed as executable installers. A list of Enterprise Architect Add-Ins developed by Sparx Systems can be found at:


If your Add-In depends on .NET, you need to install .NET first.  Although .NET-based Add-Ins for Enterprise Architect have not been tested under Wine, you can run one of the commands listed here to install the .NET runtime.

Open a Terminal window

[Under macOS, to open a Terminal window configured to use the Wine environment:

  • Using 'Finder', double-click on 'Wine' (or 'WINE STABLE') in the Applications folder ]

Now run one of these commands:

  • winetricks  Downloads/dotnet20
  • winetricks  Downloads/dotnet30
  • winetricks  Downloads/dotnet35
  • winetricks  Downloads/dotnet40

Note:  Installing a higher .NET runtime will install the previous versions as well.


Run this command, replacing the name of the installer file with the one you downloaded.

  • wine  EAZachman.exe


Follow the installer's prompts to complete installation.