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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Installing Enterprise Architect using CrossOver

This page describes the process of installing Enterprise Architect using CrossOver under macOS.  It is assumed that you already have CrossOver installed on your machine and that you have already downloaded the latest installer for Enterprise Architect.

Using CrossOver to install Enterprise Architect.

Installing a Windows application using CrossOver is quite straightforward.  First you launch CrossOver, then launch the 'CrossOver Software Installer'.  The 'CrossOver Software Installer' consists of a window with four separate tabs or pages, where each tab handles a specific part of the installation process. 

Detailed steps for each part of the process are provided here, to guide you through the installation of Enterprise Architect.


Detailed Steps

Start CrossOver and Launch the 'CrossOver Software Installer'

Start CrossOver, then either:

  • Click on the button 'Install a Windows Application',  or
  • From the CrossOver main menu, choose 'Configure | Install Software'

The 'CrossOver Software Installer' window is displayed.

Select the Application to Install

The first tab 'Select Application' should be selected by default.  If it isn't, select it now.

CrossOver comes pre-configured with a list of applications, from which you can select one to install.  Unfortunately, the list does not contain the latest release of Enterprise Architect. 

  • In the 'Edit' field, type 'Enterprise Architect 14'  (substitute the version number of the installer you have downloaded)

As you type, an entry is created in the drop-list below the field you are typing in.

  • Click on the entry 'Unlisted application "Enterprise Architect 14"'
  • Click on the Continue button

Select the Installer to Use

The second tab 'Select Installer' should now be selected.  If it isn't, select it now.

  • Click on the option 'Choose Installer File...'
  • In the file chooser window, navigate to and select the Enterprise Architect installer you have downloaded, then click on 'Use this installer'.
  • In the 'CrossOver Software Installer' window, select (highlight) the installer you chose, then click on 'Continue'.

Select a Bottle to Use

The third tab 'Select Bottle' should now be selected.  If it isn't, select it now.

Unless you have previously created a Wine Bottle to use for Enterprise Architect, you will need to create a new Bottle now.

  • Select the version of Windows that you want to use.  In this example, we chose 'New Windows 10 Bottle...'
  • Type a name in the field 'New Bottle Name:' that describes the Bottle.  For example, 'Enterprise Architect 14'.
  • Click on 'Continue'.

Proceed with Installation

At this point, the first three tabs should all be displaying checkmarks against their names and the fourth and final tab should now be displayed.

If any of the previous tabs is not displaying a checkmark, the 'Install' button will not be enabled.  You will need to revisit each tab that is not displaying a check mark and provide valid information on that page.

  • When everything is complete, click on 'Install'.

Run Enterprise Architect

After successfully completing these steps, Enterprise Architect should be installed and ready to run.

To start Enterprise Architect, first start CrossOver, then simply double-click on the Enterprise Architect shortcut.

Upgrading Enterprise Architect Using Crossover

When you upgrade Enterprise Architect to a new version, you must first uninstall your current version before installing the new version.



Click on the Bottle and select the 'Run Command' option.


Type the command: uninstaller


Select 'Enterprise Architect' from the list, then click on the Removed button.


Again click on the Bottle and select the 'Run Command' option.


Browse for the new installer file, and click on the Run button.