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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Import ArcGIS XML Workspace

If you have a Geodatabase Workspace XML Document (containing the ArcGIS schema) you can import it into your Enterprise Architect project as a UML model.

Before running the import, deselect the 'Sort Features Alphabetically' checkbox on the 'Objects' page of the Preferences window (Start > Desktop > Preferences > Preferences). This ensures that the fields are imported and organized in Enterprise Architect in the same order as in the source.


Click on the target Package in the Browser window.


Publish > Technologies > Publish > ArcGIS > Import ArcGIS Workspace XML    or

Publish > Model Exchange > Import-XML > Import Package from XML : Other XML Formats > ArcGIS

Context Menu

Right-click on Package | Specialize | ArcGIS | Import ArcGIS Workspace XML

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+Alt+I : Other XML Formats | ArcGIS

Import a Geodatabase Workspace XML document



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Type in or browse for the name of the ArcGIS XML file to import.

Create Diagrams

Select the checkbox to create Class diagrams under the imported Packages.

Hide System-Level ArcGIS Fields on Diagrams

Select the checkbox to hide these stereotyped attributes:

  • RequiredField
  • AttributeIndex
  • SpatialIndex

on these stereotyped Classes:

  • Point
  • Polyline
  • Polygon
  • MultiPatch

The 'RequiredField' and 'AttributeIndex' attributes are also hidden for the Table (Object Class) Class.

This option is enabled only when the 'Create Diagrams' checkbox is selected.

Strip GUIDs

The 'Strip GUIDs' feature is currently mandatory for ArcGIS imports, which means that elements are created 'as new' each time an ArcGIS schema is imported.

Write Log File

Select the checkbox to write a log of import activity (recommended).

The log file is saved in the directory from which the file is being imported, with the same name as the imported file plus the suffix _import.log.

View XML

Click on this button to view the XML before import.


Click on this button to import the ArcGIS XML file.


Click on this button to close this dialog.


Click on this button to display this Help page.

Import Progress

This field indicates the progress of the import.


  • The MDG Technology for ArcGIS is available in the Professional, Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect

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