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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Review Package History

It is possible to review the change history of Version Controlled Packages by examining previous revisions. If necessary, you can check out one of these earlier revisions of a Package for editing, effectively rolling-back to that prior revision of the Package.


Context Menu

Right-click on Package > Package Control > File History

Review change history of a version-controlled Package



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For Version Control environments using Subversion, CVS or TFS command line clients, the 'File Version History' dialog displays.

Click on a revision number in the 'Revisions' field, to select that revision and view its log entry.

For Version Control environments using SCC based clients, your particular product opens its own 'File Version History' dialog.

Review Package History - SCC Client


On the 'File Version History' dialog, you can optionally click on either:

  • Check Out - the selected revision of the Package file is retrieved from Version Control and imported into your model as a Package that is checked out for editing; you can subsequently check in this revision as a new HEAD revision, effectively allowing you to revert the Package to a prior revision
  • Retrieve - the selected revision of the Package file is retrieved from Version Control and imported into your model, but the Package remains flagged as checked-in and cannot be modified; subsequently checking out the Package updates it to the latest revision before it is unlocked for editing


  • If the selected Package was already checked out in the current model, the Retrieve and Check Out buttons are disabled
  • If the selected Package contains any sub-Package that is already checked-out in the current model, a warning will be displayed and the retrieval or check-out will not go ahead
  • If you check out a prior revision of a Package, but do not want to commit it as a new revision, right-click on the Package and select Package Control | Undo Check Out

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