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Example 1 - Bind Input Data to Business Knowledge Model

A full example can be created with a Model Pattern (Ribbon: Simulate > Decision Analysis > DMN > Apply Perspective > DMN Decision > Decision With BKM : Create Pattern(s))

An example of Binding Data input to a DMN BKM using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

In this example, Input Data Applicant Data is typed to Applicant Data Definition, which has three components.

Using a Decision Table in a Business Knowledge Model (BKM), using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

The Business Knowledge Model Application risk score model is implemented as a Decision table with three inputs and one output.

The Decision Application risk score is implemented as an Invocation to bind the Input Data's 'leaf' components to the BKM's parameters.

A Decision implemented as an Invocation that binds the Input Data Element to the BKM's parameters.

In order to make the binding easier, Auto-Completion is supported for the binding expression.

The full modeling and simulation instructions are available in the Pattern's documentation.