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Enterprise Transitions

When implemented, the architectures will transition an organization from the baseline (current) architecture to the target (future) architecture. These transitions must be carefully planned and orchestrated and should be implemented as part of an overall program or project level management plan. The transitions will typically involve a series of well orchestrated changes that involve existing and new business functions, information models, applications and technology platforms.

Enterprise Architect has a powerful and flexible Roadmap overlay that can be applied to any diagram and that can be used to show how the various parts of the architecture need to be implemented and integrated with existing architectures over a given time period. The Roadmap can be applied to any diagram and can show the phases of change for elements such as Business Capabilities, Information Models, Applications and Technology platforms. There is a wide range of other tools that will assist with transition planning and execution, such as the Document Artifact that can be used to create a transition plan and a Gantt Chart that can be used for scheduling architecture and other resources, and more.

Resource view for Gantt chart in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.