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Kanban Resources and Calendars

The powerful Kanban technique, has been implemented in Enterprise Architect in a way that will greatly enhance the productivity of your team and the project management of software and system engineering projects or sets of tasks. Within Enterprise Architect it is a simple to use feature, enabling you to manage items in a backlog and move them into any number of lanes, or even to other boards, representing stages in a process. The facility can be incorporated into existing or new engineering or software development processes, resulting in unprecedented efficiencies.

One of the great advantages of using this feature is that elements that participate in the Kanban diagrams can be linked to other elements in the repository, allowing full traceability from, for example, a requirement up to a strategic intent or to a component of a design and down to an element of a released product.  Kanban can be used to visualize the resources, effort and state of completion of items as they move through any number of linked Kanban boards. This is an example from a software development process related to a warehouse systems engineering project.

Simple example of a Kanban Diagram with four lanes in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

For more information see the Kanban and Resource Allocation Help topics.