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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Add and Edit State Lifeline

From the 'Timing elements' page of the Toolbox drag a State Lifeline icon onto your diagram. The element displays on the diagram.

Edit Properties



Define the name of the State Lifeline

  1. Right-click on the element and select the 'Properties | Properties' option; the 'Properties window for the element displays, showing the 'Element' tab.
  2. Overtype the 'Name' field.
  3. Click off the Properties window.

Sizing and Scale

In the top left corner of a selected Lifeline element are the left and right quick sizing buttons (Quick Size).

These buttons increase or decrease the width of the Lifeline element, which in turn controls the scale width of each time unit; by increasing the width of the element you increase the resolution when adding transitions, which makes them easier to edit.

In order to edit the State Lifeline element, you must click on it to select it.

Set Timeline Start Position

You might require more space at the start of your timelines; for example, to use long state names.

To insert more space in all the timelines on a diagram:

1. Right-click on the diagram background and select the 'Set Timeline Start Position' option; the 'Set Timeline Start Position' dialog displays.

2. The 'Value 80 to 300' field defaults to 80 as the minimum distance in pixels between the start of the timeline element and the start of the timeline itself; type a new value up to 300 pixels and click on the OK button to increase the space at the start of the timeline.

These two diagrams have start positions of 80 pixels and 150 pixels respectively.

An example of a UML Timing diagram showing the result of setting the start position to 80 pixels. An example of a UML Timing diagram showing the result of setting the start position to 150 pixels.

You now edit the states and transitions in the State Lifeline.

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