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Edit Transitions In State Lifeline

In a Timing diagram you can show the transitions (changes of state) that occur within a StateMachine over a fixed time period and at certain timing points. This is similar in many respects to an Interaction lifeline with State changes highlighted. As events and changes occur within the instance this Timing diagram represents, state changes occur and are mapped onto this Timeline. In that respect it is a record of how a particular aspect of the system behaves over time.

When building a Timeline it is necessary to define the States first, and then to add the explicit transitions between those States at particular timing points.

Edit Transitions



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Add and Move Transitions

After you have added states, you can add transitions between states directly on the timeline using the mouse.

Add and Move Transitions

Change the Transition Time

Move the cursor over one or other of the vertical transition lines and drag the line left or right to change the time of the transition.

While on the line, the cursor shape changes to the horizontal movement cursor (Left Right Line Cursor icon).

Merge Transitions

If necessary, you can 'push' a transition to merge it with the next or previous transition point on any Lifeline element on the diagram.

Position the cursor off the appropriate side of the transition line; the cursor changes form (Merge right icon or Merge left icon).

Click the mouse button; the system locates the nearest transition in the required direction, on any element on the diagram, and merges the current transition with that transition.

Delete Transitions

Transitions are automatically deleted when you move the transition to the same state as the previous transition state, and release the cursor.

Alternatively, right-click on the transition line and select the 'Delete' option.