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Oracle Data Types

The Oracle data types NUMBER and VARCHAR have additional properties that you can model.



Configure > Reference Data > Settings > Database Datatypes

Data Types

Data Type


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The NUMBER data type requires precision and scale properties.

The 'Precision' and 'Scale' fields are displayed on the 'Attributes' page of the Features window when the data type is set to NUMBER; if you enter information into these fields, it is displayed on your diagrams.

For example:

     create NUMBER by setting 'Precision' = 0 and 'Scale' = 0

     create NUMBER(8) by setting 'Precision' = 8 and 'Scale' = 0

     create NUMBER(8,2) by setting 'Precision' = 8 and 'Scale' = 2


Oracle VARCHAR2(15 CHAR) and VARCHAR2(50 BYTE) data types can be created by adding the Tagged Value LengthType with the value CHAR or BYTE.

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