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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Win32 User Interface Dialogs

Overview of Win32 UI development in Enterprise Architect

Using the MDG Win32 UI Technology, you can design user interface screens that render as Win32® controls. The user interface produced can be used in any resource definition script. Resource definition scripts, or RC files, are a Microsoft technology that - as for other code - can be compiled and the assets used by native desktop applications. User interface screens or dialogs can be created from scratch or reverse engineered. User interface models can also be forward engineered using the synchronize code function (F7). Interface modeling takes place on diagrams in the exact same fashion as you would work with any technology in Enterprise Architect. An interesting aspect of User Interface design in Enterprise Architect is that components can take an active role in the simulation of StateMachines and Activities, enabling a simulation to interact with users, much like a real program!



Design > Diagram > Add > Type > User Interface Win32

Context Menu

Right-click on Package | Add Diagram > Type | User Interface Win32


Browser window caption bar menu | New Diagram | User Interface Win32


The MDG Win32® User Interface Technology is available in the Enterprise Architect Professional, Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions

Enabling Win32 User Interface Technology

Enabling the Win32 UI Technology in Enterprise Architect

The Win32® UI Technology in Enterprise Architect is enabled or disabled using the 'MDG Technologies' dialog (select the 'Specialize > Technologies > Manage-Tech' ribbon option).

Default technology

You can set the MDG Win32® UI Technology as the active default technology to access the Toolbox pages directly.

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