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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Version Control and Teams

This is a summary of the process of setting up a Version Control environment and applying Version Control to a project to be accessed by a number of users.

Version Control - Process Overview



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Install your Version Control product.

Version Control Product Setup


Create a Version Control repository.


Create a Version Control project to be used with your Enterprise Architect project.


Check-out a working copy of the Version Control project (a module, project or folder within the Version Control system) into a local folder.

You must do this for every team member that is accessing the Version Controlled Packages, whether you are using a single shared model or each team member stores his own private copy of the model.

Create a Local Working Copy Prepare a CVS Local Workspace


Before attempting to access the new Version Control environment from within Enterprise Architect, you should first verify that it functions correctly when used outside of Enterprise Architect.

Verify the SVN Workspace Verify the TFS Workspace


Within Enterprise Architect, define a Version Control configuration to provide access to the working copy files.

The name of the Version Control configuration must be the same across all machines throughout a team. That is, all Version Control access to a given Package must be through Version Control configurations with the same name, across all models and all users.

The easiest way to perform this step (throughout the team) is to have one user set up Version Control on the model and then share that model with the rest of the team.

  • In Shared Model deployment, all users connect to a single instance of the model database, so the model is shared automatically
  • In Private Model deployment, it is easiest to distribute copies of the original model (after Version Control has been set up) to all other members of the team

Whenever you open a model (Private or Shared) that uses a Version Control configuration that is not yet defined on your workstation, a prompt displays to complete the definition for that configuration. This typically means specifying the local working copy directory and perhaps choosing the Version Control project associated with this Enterprise Architect project.

Once this has been done, the Version Controlled Packages that already exist in the model are ready for use.

Version Control Configuration


Configure Packages within the Enterprise Architect model for Version Control. That is, apply Version Control to individual Packages.

Apply Version Control To Branches Configure Controlled Package


Check-out and check-in Packages as required.

Check Out a Package Check In a Package


  • It is possible to use multiple Version Control Configurations within the same model; different Packages can still use different Version Control Configurations within the model, as long as any given Package is always accessed via the same Version Control Configuration

Learn more

Team deployment and the use of Version Control is discussed in two Sparx Systems white papers, available as on-line resources on the Sparx Systems web site: