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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Enable a Transcript of Model Changes Over Time

Auditing records model changes including when the change occurred and who made it. It records changes to Packages, Elements, Features, Connectors and Diagrams, detailing the creation, modification and deletion of these items.  A repository administrator or librarian typically enables auditing during selected project phases or continuously during the lifetime of the repository. An Enterprise Architect repository contains important organization information and ensuring that changes to the models are consistent with an organization's intention and governance principles is critical to the success of this important information asset.

Audit View window showing the creation and change of a Customer Class and its properties.

Audits are a powerful model management mechanism ensuring that changes to models are well understood and governed. In this topic You will learn how to enable auditing, and using the Settings window define the level of detail to record in the audit, the elements to be audited and how batch imports are handled. You can simply enable auditing and it will silently record the changes the users make to the model. You will also learn how to manage audit logs to ensure there are minimal impacts to performance as logs are stored. Auditing can be used for a variety purposes beyond governance for example arresting sub-standard modeling practices by identifying the user and providing them with training and guidance of how to model in a given context.